Balcony DAO merges real estate and crypto to create web3 enhanced assets. As a Web3 Investment bank, we provide crypto financing solutions for real world assets.

Balcony DAO’s marketplace will be the Opensea for trading real world assets.


Balcony DAO will be the first of its kind real estate NFT investment platform and community that provides access to real-world real estate, entirely on the blockchain.

You’re still early. Pioneer with us every step of the way as we reinvent real estate investing. 

MARCH 2022


Deed holders gain priority WhiteList and a 30% discount on Balcony Assets Club NFT (BAC). Deed holders enjoy access to our gated community and BAC pre-launch events.

If you’re already a deed holder, congrats on being early. No deed yet? Don’t sweat it, you can still claim your deed below for .1 ETH!

Q3 2022


We’re bridging the gap between the metaverse and the real world. Balcony Assets Club is a DAO, members-only community of investors, real estate professionals, and crypto enthusiasts alike. 

BAC holders get early access to real world income producing real estate assets (reNFTs).

Q4 2022


reNFTs are the digital analog of traditional real estate. Balcony’s reNFTs will represent equity ownership in a real world, income producing asset. 

All real estate data is stored within each reNFT on-chain, streamlining due diligence and the property transaction  process.

Government organizations will migrate official record keeping onto the blockchain to recognize digital deeds and titles as proof of ownership.

Q2 2023


The Balcony marketplace is a two-sided market where all reNFTs are traded with cryptocurrency. It’s where OpenSea meets Zillow.

Increase liquidity by broadcasting supply and build a large portfolio of cash flowing assets with reNFTs. 

Unlike traditional NFTs, the value of the reNFT is supported by the underlying real estate, creating a concrete floor price.


NFT Art is weaved into our entire business.

Each real estate project partners with a balcony-curated NFT artist to create exclusive digital art, mintable by the reNFT holders. The artwork galvanizes the in-real-life community, captures the essence of the project, and exists as an investable asset itself.



Real estate owner and developer based in Hoboken and Long Branch, NJ with over 1 million buildable SF of mixed use development in the pipeline. Co-founder of Prime City Ventures and Early adopter of crypto and NFTs.


NYC based commercial real estate expert w 23+ years experience. Owner of Abraham + Martin. Technologist that has advised + built successful startups.


NYC based real estate developer with a proven track record of executing complex business strategies to maximize investor returns. $300M of real estate opportunities currently under development. Co-Founder of Prime City Ventures.


NYC based real estate developer and property manager with a focus on entrepreneurial-ship and business strategy. Ten years of experience in a plethora of sectors within real estate.


What is Balcony DAO?

Balcony DAO is a Web3 investment bank. We provide crypto financing solutions for real world assets. Our aim is to be the premier Web3 marketplace for trading Real World Assets (RWAs).

What is a BLCNY deed?

The BLCNYdeed grants access to our community and additionally provides entry to BAC pre-launch events. Deed holders receive a WhiteList spot for the Balcony Assets Club (BAC) launch coming up this year! Owning a deed also gives you a 30% discount price at the BAC mint. Mint deed here

What is the Balcony Assets Club?

Balcony Assets Club (BAC) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The members-only community consists of passionate investors, real estate professionals, and crypto enthusiasts. BAC members are able to access alpha, move between the worlds of real estate and crypto, collaborate with one another, and build intergenerational wealth through investment in quality real world assets (RWA’s). BAC provides an easy on-ramp for the crypto community to invest in real estate while still maintaining exposure to crypto.

How are reNFT’s different from normal NFTs?

Balcony’s reNFTs will represent equity ownership in a real-world, income-producing asset. The reNFT is structurally the digital analog of real estate. As a digital doppelganger, the reNFT provides important improvements on the real estate acquisition, recording, disposition, and hypothecation processes by making transparent, readily available, and centralized pertinent asset-level data. 

The reNFT technology allows for one-click transactions of real estate and eliminates much of the time and expense associated with due diligence. The increased efficiency of the asset increases liquidity and asset value. The reNFT is a protocol created to record and trade real estate. reNFT maintains immutable records on chain, dramatically streamlining due diligence.

What data does my reNFT store?

Investors can find the deed, title, mortgage, leasing, air rights, encumbrances, survey, and all other desired data stored within the reNFT, which serves as a legal wrapper (LLC/Corp), digital folder of recordings and documents, through an API that interfaces with real-world agencies and users who can easily query and update data.

How does Balcony DAO benefit real estate professionals?

Our crypto financing solutions can save 10-20% off total project cost. By fully funding deal at cash flow 0 we are de-risking the project and eliminating the need for a personal guarantee. We create streamlined and more efficient transactions and supply a network of professionals to support each other and expose and grow your understanding of crypto.

How does Balcony benefit crypto investors?

By merging the best attributes of real estate and crypto we create web3 enhanced assets that provide stronger yields for real estate investment. Balcony DAO provides more stability than traditional NFTs, increased liquidity, and the ability to receive airdrops. There’s an easy on-ramp for investment into real estate while maintaining exposure to crypto and tax advantaged real estate for investors with crypto capital gains.

How does Balcony integrate art?

There is artwork in every Balcony DAO development project. We commission NFT artists to designing the artwork for the building and NFT digital art frames. NFTs feature digital multimedia experience featuring great 3D art, animation, and soundtracks by Gazzo The artwork in the reNFTs will include photos and renderings of the real estate itself and will be updated live at the various stages of the development process.Each project can partner with a prominent NFT artist or project to do a community or location themed NFT drop for the reNFT holders of that real estate. Investors receive this added value and community building that doesn’t exist with traditional real estate.