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What is the Balcony Assets Club (BAC)?

Balcony Assets Club is a members-only community of passionate investors, real estate professionals, and crypto enthusiasts. Through our network members are able to access alpha, move between the worlds of real estate and crypto, collaborate with each other, and build intergenerational wealth through investment in quality real world assets (RWA’s). BAC members will have early access to reNFT offerings on our platform. It provides an easy on-ramp for the crypto community to invest in real estate while still maintaining exposure to crypto.

The BAC network will be a community of crypto investors and real estate professionals working together to build transformative projects and democratize ownership of assets. Members will be invited to a private server where they can connect and work together. In this server off-market deals will be discussed, members can bring their own deals to the table, vote on deals that we pursue, and do business with each other. BAC welcomes all members of the real estate ecosystem including sponsors, investors, contractors, title agents, brokers, insurance agents, attorneys, plumbers, etc to come together and use our technology to enhance efficiency and streamline their work. BAC NFTs are also fully transferable, without restriction.

Disclaimer: Regulations may require that reNFT purchasers be accredited investors.